Reahb Loan Programs – Get The Funding You Need, Available Quickly

Overcome the Obstacles to Rehab Loan Programs

If you’ve looked into borrowing money for a home you won’t occupy, you’ve probably hit many roadblocks. Why?

Traditional banks and mortgage lenders got hurt when the housing bubble burst in 2008. Now they shy away from rehab loan programs on non-owner occupied homes.

As a result of the recession that followed, traditional lenders remain reluctant to offer non-owner occupied loans to investors.

Even seasoned real estate investors find funding hard to get. It’s even harder for new real estate investors.

We understand the obstacles you face in trying to secure a loan. That’s why we take steps to remove the obstacles and get your rehab going.

When you obtain financing through Beacon, count on getting the best loan requirements, mortgage interest rate and down payment requirement. You can even refinance if refinancing becomes necessary or favorable.

We don’t punish borrowers with low credit scores. We do reward borrowers with good to great scores by offering lower interest rates.

Rehab Loan Programs

When applying for your loan, be prepared to discuss these factors:

  • Property Type – single-family, multifamily, commercial
  • Loan purpose – acquisition, refinance, rehab & retail vs. rehab & hold/seller finance

  • Loan Amount

  • Rehab Costs

  • Resources available for down payment, closing costs and reserves.
  • Your experience

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