Renovation Contractor Marketing Finds New Customers

Renovation Contractor Marketing Finds New Customers -Beacon Enterprises Contractor painting interior wall

How are renovation contractors marketing successfully during a pandemic?

Finding your next customer is crucial. Here’s how rehab contractors do marketing to win more customers and deals – online, by phone, in person, and with videos.

Your website needs to do these jobs

 Your contracting business needs a website. Why? Because most people find a contractor through an online search:

  • 93% of people start with online search.
  • 90% search on Google.
  • 75% look only at page-one results.

To be competitive in the eyes of your customers, your website must:

  • Appear attractive, with a professional logo and design.
  • Be easy to navigate with a clear menu.
  • Scan and read quickly, since users spend <15 seconds on an average page.
  • Offer complete information about your services and people.
  • Include contact information – emails and phone numbers – on every page.
  • Include a prominent “request a quote” button.
  • Offer ratings, recommendations and reviews from customers.
  • Work well on cell phones (with type big enough to read).
  • Load pages in 5 seconds or less, before users click away.

What’s the best way to find new customers? Get your happy customers to give you good ratings, recommendations, reviews, testimonials and referrals.

Make sure that good stories from customers appear all around your website – not all clumped on one page. Buyers look for people like themselves who will say that you do a good job.

Ask customers to review you on your website, Google and Yelp, which names the top 10 contractors in local markets. You don’t need 5-star reviews to impress customers. In fact, people distrust reviews that appear too positive.

Add your business to Google Maps. Here’s how.

Use social media and email to drive traffic to your website.

Be responsive to phone calls

The first human impression your company makes is usually by phone. Make sure a live, undistracted person answers the phone during business hours.

If you must use voice mail, return customer calls promptly – even after business hours – so customers see how responsive you are.

Plan in-person meetings carefully

During the pandemic, do everything possible to meet customers remotely on Zoom or FaceTime at first. If possible, meet with customers outside.

Observe pandemic precautions such as wearing a mask, observing social distancing, and not crowding your customer as they open their door.

Get your customer’s permission to put your sign out front so neighbors see it. The same logo and graphics on your sign should appear on your truck(s) too.

Videos differentiate you from others

Innovative contractors like Tulsa Renew propose projects via video. Later, customers receive daily video progress reports to show what work got done each day.

Tulsa Renew video

Tulsa Renew wins referral business by sending each customer a daily video update to show the work that got done. The bonus: 7 out of 11 referrals convert into customers!

Keeping customers informed by video every day means you get a longer honeymoon with customers.

To make videos simple to record and share, use a Coach’s Eye camera  that allows you to draw on the video. Post customer videos on YouTube unindexed, then send customers a link and password to see their videos.

The surprise bonus result from video marketing? On average, each Tulsa Renew customer shares video with 11 others.

Out of those 11 customer referrals, on average 7 people become new customers!

This is the smartest type of marketing – when you make customers so happy they tell friends who become your next customers.

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Renovation Contractor Marketing Finds New Customers