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Specializing in Rehab Loans & Private Money Lending

When you find a property that needs rehab work and holds the potential to turn a profit, you need fast funding. Call on Beacon. We specialize in rehab loans and private money lending.

Building opportunities for rehab contractors and real estate investors. We loan private capital for rehab projects like yours.

You quickly get funds to do a renovation, so you can flip a property at a profit. Or hold it as a long-term investment.

We offer up to 100% financing of acquisition, rehab and closing costs on deals that qualify.

Specializing in Rehab Loans & Private Money Lending | Beacon Enterprises, LLC.

We partner with rehab contractors who want a predictable, steady stream of future work. We will launch 12 rehab projects in the year ahead, focusing on the Nashville area.

Benefits of Working With Us

We help rehab contractors

We help rehab contractors like you gain the freedom to:

  • Grow your business with an approach that’s better than bootstrapping

  • Stop spending down payments from your next project to finish current projects

  • Assure smooth cash flow year-round, instead of living deal to deal

Beacon loans fund purchase, renovation, and closing costs for non-owner occupied residential properties.

Private Capital and Rehab Loans

We are a boutique provider of private capital and rehab loans. Our sole focus is lending for real estate acquisition and rehab projects, including:

  • Single-family homes

  • Multi-tenant properties

  • Commercial properties

Beacon helps you get cash now for “ugly” or rundown properties. Bad credit is no problem, since we do not report to credit bureaus.

Why work with Beacon Enterprises?

Contractors like working with Beacon because of our:

  • Quick approval process

  • Fast closings

  • Up to 100% funding for non-owner-occupied investment properties (on deals that qualify)

  • Short loan life (one year or less)

  • Flexible underwriting

  • Guidance to help you grow your rehab business.

Private Money Lending – Get the funding you need… when you need it!

You need to act fast to secure a promising property. Our private money rehab loans provide you fast funding.

With Beacon on your side, you avoid the hassles of an extensive application process required by banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions.

Quick approvals and closings mean you get money quickly. So, you can move fast on a property instead of losing it to a faster-acting competitor.

Who are Rehab Loans Good For?

Private money rehab loans are perfect for:

  • Fix and flippers
  • Longer-term real estate investors
  • Real estate investment opportunities

You can even put the purchase, repair and closing cost of a house into a loan with an interest-only monthly payment.

When you’re ready to begin your next rehab project, bypass the hassles and frustrations of dealing with traditional lenders. Get your funds in hand fast.

Call today: 888-273-3020.


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We love to build opportunities for you. We work hard to get your project funded, fast and hassle-free.

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